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Ethical management

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Ethical management

Taeyoung is dedicating industry and country to be a no.1 cigarette filter manufacturer and promoting health and welfare of mankind.
With background of esteem and pride, recognition of establishing a fair and transparent ethical culture is essential for sustainable growth, and by enacting the Ethics Charter as follows,
Taeyoung intends to make it the standard for correct behavior and value judgment that all executives and employees of the company must comply with.

Fulfillment of social responsibility.Respecting the basic values required by society, comply with various laws, and contribute to the development of the national economy and society.
Pursuing a trusted company.Protecting the honor of the company and achieve a trusted company through fair job performance based on morality and honesty.
Respect for human beings. Management.Respecting the dignity and values of each employee and implement fair personnel and welfare.
Creating values for customers.Creating and providing new values that customers need from a customer's point of view.
Maximize shareholder profits.Contributing shareholder profits by maximizing corporate value through cost reduction and productivity improvement.