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Implementing social responsibility for a sustainable tomorrow.

Social contribution.

Taeyoung is practicing regional sharing with all employees and neighbors to fulfill corporate social responsibility.
Recruiting employee from local area such as Miryang and Gimhae and supporting selected organizations or personnel dedicated to sports, culture, and art activities.

  • 장학금
  • 지역체육지원
  • 밀양경찰서 안전모 지원
  • 적십자기부
Environmental management

Taeyoung is strictly complying required environmental laws from Korea & overseas and equipped facilities and systems to minimize the environmental impact from cigarette filter production process.

  • ㆍRisk management by environmental impact assessment
    ㆍCertification of Hazardous risk prevention and regular safety management.

  • ㆍContinuing in-house energy saving campaign.
    ㆍUsing high-efficiency electrical products and facilities.

  • ㆍCertified ISO 14001.
    ㆍCompliance of atmospheric self-measurement and discharge standards.
    ㆍMeasurement and inspection of discharge facilities by external assessment institution.
    ㆍRegular inspection by government offices.

  • ㆍDeveloping an eco-friendly cigarette filter.
    ㆍMinimizing waste level and participating in recycling activities.
    ㆍPurchasing an eco-friendly products.

Compliance management

Taeyoung is established ethics policy which all employees should comply with Resolving confliction arising between employee and company & company and partner & company and government organization

Ethical management