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Basic information about filter

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Classification of filters
  • Classification by material : Acetate, paper and PP, etc.
  • Classification by wrapping paper : General, porous, perforate and NWA(Non Wrapped Acetate), etc
  • Classification by shape : Mono, complex (double triple), etc.
Materials of filter

Acetate tow
Acetate tow is the aggregate of continuous filament made by cellulose acetate and it plays the decisive role of resistance of suction in smoking that is most important characteristics.
The property of acetate tow is decided by denia.

Plasticizer forms the combination in contact point among the fiber by making acetate tow fiber smooth and flexible and makes the fiber bundle harder.
Plasticizer uses triacetin for cigarette filter.

Active carbon
Active carbon that is one of cigarette filter absorbent is the substance whose main property is carbon and it can be classified by the size of particle and shape.
The materials used for active carbon are timber, sawdust and fruit shell (coconut shell, bamboo, peach seed) as vegetarian material and coconut shell is mainly used as absorbent for cigarette filter.

Wrapping paper
Function of wrapping paper keeps the forming the concentration of filter when manufacturing filters.
The property such as air porosity, tensile strength, tensile stretch, thickness and stickiness should be prepared when manufacturing wrapping paper.